This is the page for the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks – Savage World Conversion adventure.

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Here is the conversion thus far:

AD&D to Savage Worlds Ability stat conversion:

AD&D (3d6) Savage Worlds
3 D4-1
4-7 D4
9-10 D6
11-13 D8
14-16 D10
17-18 D12
19-21 D12+1
22-24 D12+2
25 D12+13

Str Str
Int Smarts
Dex Agility
Con Vigor
Wis Spirit

In AD&D 1st and 2nd addition there is Exceptional Strength (18+1-100%)
In Savage worlds, 1-40%=D12+1. 41-75%=D12+2, and 76-100%=D12+3.

Pace = 6 for Humanoid. (This is modified by size if applicable.)
Parry = to 2+half of Fighting skill.
Toughness = 2+ 1/2Vigor (Add armor to that score for armor worm on torso.)

Savage Worlds = (Edges) = AD&D (Feats):

Edges, Skills, & Proficiencies:
AD&D (3d6) Savage Worlds
No Proficiency D4-1
1 D4
+2 D6
+3 D8
+4 D10
+5 D12
+6 D12
7 D122
8 D123

Basic Skill List
Boating (Agility) Climbing (Strength) Driving (Agility)
Fighting (Agility) Gambling (Smarts) Guts (Spirit)
Healing (Smarts) Intimidation (Spirit) Investigation (Smarts)
Knowledge (Smarts) Lockpicking (Agility) Notice (Smarts)
Persuasion (Spirit) Piloting (Smarts) Repair (Smarts)
Riding (Smarts) Shooting (Agility) Stealth (Agility)
Streetwise (Smarts) Survival (Smarts) Swimming (Agility)
Taunt (Smarts) Throwing (Agility) Tracking (Smarts)

Expedition to the Barrier Peaks - Savage World Conversion